Railway Engineering Associates Ltd.

 Welcome to Railway Engineering Associates Ltd.


Railway Engineering Associates (REA) is an association of Consulting Engineers who specialise in all aspects of engineering for rail based transport systems.


The principals of REA and their associates all have many years of experience in railways, including heavy and light rail and metro systems.


The Company, which was formed in 1987, offers advice on a wide range of matters concerned with the provision and maintenance of infrastructure for railways as well as operational matters and financial planning.



The provision of any infrastructure is an extremely complex business. To be successful, the recommendations and designs must consider the future use, operation and maintenance of the system, the construction and must integrate these in their proper proportions and limits to achieve a sound whole of life solution.


Because of the specialist nature of the work, the Company generally operates in conjunction with other carefully selected experts. These specialists are always supervised by a Senior member of REA staff who has a good general knowledge of the industry to ensure that the benefits of using experts are maximised, that their specialismís do not lead to fragmentation of the service but to a carefully integrated effort. We believe that this provides the most flexible and economic way of giving the client the best advice possible.



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